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CNA aims to facilitate financial transactions safely and quickly, we are a currency with no transaction fees in our contract, making investors use and invest their money freely. We created our currency on the BEP20 network with 30,000,000 tokens that have already been 100% in circulation, bringing complete security to CNA investors and adding value to the token. One of our goals is to develop CNA's own marketplace, with a global structure for the highest revolution of NFTs in the arts of our land Jerusalem שָׁלוֹם

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99% of liquidity is locked up until 11/04/2026; For the complete safety of our investors.

7,109,406.63 of tokens locked up to 03/11/2023. We are using our resources for marketing and other costs.

Torres Azrieli


Bep20 is a blockchain parallel to the main network, within which it is possible to carry out transfers in Bep20, through this system we developed our project. It is a direct evolution of the BEP2 protocol, as it is much more inviting for developers and users: the transfer rates within the BEP20 are much lower, the waiting time is very small and, in technical terms, it is much more malleable for building applications. One of its main advantages is compatibility with both the BEP2 and the Ethereum network (ERC-20). This makes it possible to create cross-chain applications, that is, capable of transmitting data from one network to another. For a long time, Ethereum users had to live with very high transaction fees (gas fees), especially during times of heavy use. This made small transactions prohibitive. In the case of the BEP20, this has become a problem of the past. Through the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA), also known as Proof of Detached Authority, the validation of transactions takes place in a much faster and more accessible way, without congestion or correction of fee values that could compromise small financial transactions.

Belongs to the community

CNA belongs to its community as an autonomous decentralized organization, our efforts are in transforming CNA into a democratic currency with transparent plans, getting our supporters involved and helping to shape the future of ALXCNA.

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Symbol: CNA
Decimals: 7
Zero transaction fees

Token BEP-20

Listing on most exchanges by the end of                                   2023

Token audited by Solidity Finance

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